Lauded by Tom Noel, Dr. Colorado, as "a crackerjack overview," this 96-page history is the only comprehensive history of Denver available. With over 40 historical photos and an original Larry Iwerks watercolor cover, this lovely book offers the story of the gutsy boom town that became a thriving metropolis.

Beginning as a gold rush town too far from the gold, most believed Denver would soon be one of many forgotten boom towns gone bust. Instead, her visionary leadership, combined with hard work, strategic planning, audacious risks, and simple blind luck, transformed her into the "Queen City of the Plains."

Rejected when the transcontinental railroad was routed through Cheyenne, resourceful citizens did not give up. Instead, they built their own railroad. No longer isolated, this railroad quickly transformed Denver into the region's supply center. Soon home of mining millionaires and elegant hotels, she was vibrant and bustling.

Although prosperity reigned in good times, by the end of the Great Depression, visionary leaders knew Denver needed a strong, clean industry to end her boom/bust cycles. With typical Denver confidence and forcefulness, leaders embarked upon the successful wooing of the military and government, solidifying her position as the thriving metropolitan center she is today. 

Rich with stories of her millionaires, her short-lived rule by the Klu Klux Klan, and her Speer Years, you will love the trials and triumphs of this amazing city. The first in the BoomTown History series, it is a "must read" whether you are resident, visitor, or simply an armchair adventurer in search of a story of that small town that could. 

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