Point Reyes


Point Reyes is rich with the compelling stories of her tribes, tragic shipwrecks, wily lawyers, and dairying families. Called a "great compact but comprehensive history" by the Archivist of the Point Reyes National Seashore, this 112-page book has been enthusiastically purchased by locals and visitors alike. With a wealth of never before published historical photos and an original Larry Iwerks watercolor cover, this book is a must for all who love the magnificent, windswept Point Reyes Peninsula.

A cherished tribal homeland and the site of Sir Francis Drake's reputed visit, this fascinating peninsula was sought by a parade of colorful Mexican rancheros until the Shafter family acquired her. Under the ownership of these determined lawyers, Point Reyes was quickly transformed into some of California's most prolific dairies. Through trials and triumphs, the Shafter family tenaciously hung on to their land, watching as their best dairymen left to seek land they could own.

Marked, also, by its earthquake and too many shipwrecks along its rugged coast, Point Reyes' story is one of California's most fascinating. From her earliest shipwrecks to the battle  that transformed her into today's Point Reyes National Seashore, you will thoroughly enjoy your journey to this wondrous penisula. 

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