San Diego


This 112-page history of San Diego takes armchair historians, locals, and tourists alike on a journey exploring the story of one of California's most historically-significant cities.

Enhanced by a rich array of historical photos (print copy only) and a full-color original watercolor by Mary Helmriech, this newest HarborTown History offers readers the only concise, comprehensive history of San Diego available.

San Diego's story is one of many firsts, beginning with her place as the site of California's first mission, making her history rich and multi-faceted. Despite her interesting Spanish and Mexican beginnings, it was not long before she became an American town, complete with a unique parade of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and developers.

After some failures, her stunning natural harbor and entrepreneurs like Horton spurred her transformation from a dusty settlement into a vibrant, prosperous town. Money followed, and soon San Diego had her beloved Hotel del Coronado, a place fit for kings (or at least, the dashing Prince of Wales!) movie stars, and affluent travelers from around the world.

Her role as a military center securred her future as one of California's most important -  and, clearly, one of its most beautiful - cities, a place full of history as well as one with a vibrant present and bright future.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale of this fascinating city.

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